A Buccellati Sapphire and Diamond Ring With Ornate Openwork

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Feast your eyes on this platinum, sapphire and diamond ring from JS Fearnley Antiques. It’s a Buccellati ring, with a centrally set oval sapphire of approximately 3.25 K.

The sapphire sits within an ornate and intricate openwork frame, which is beautifully designed and executed, and as can be seen in various views of the ring below, sits quite high off the finger in layers. This means that light shines through the convex curvature of the openwork from the side of the sapphire and enhances the colour.

Around the base of the intricate openwork is a cluster of diamonds with a foliate motif connecting the diamonds with the shank. It’s quite an architectural construction, and just in this one ring can be see the Buccellati aspiration for continuing the artistic traditions of Italy, using and refining techniques used for centuries. In the motifs and ornate forms, created with characteristic Buccellati attention to detail, the Italian origin of Buccellati inspiration is reflected.

The ring is accompanied by AGL report CS 1072526, dated January 05, 2016, stating the sapphire to be of Ceylon (Sri Lanka) origin with no indications of heating.  There is also a GIA report 1172382850, dated November 19, 2015, stating the sapphire to be Natural Corundum with no indications of heating.

And here is the ring!

ornate openwork

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