A Coral Demi-Parure – To Be Worn For Maximum Impact

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The most vivid, intensely red coral I have seen, in this beautiful demi-parure of necklace and ear clips. A touch of gold on each one keeps the colour bright, and provides some moments of visual space while the eye recovers from all that brilliant red.

This is precious or noble coral, Corallium rubrum, the coral of most interest to jewelers. It is harvested in the Mediterranean off the coasts of Italy, France, Spain, Algeria and Tunisia.


Coral demi-parure
Estimate4,0006,500 GBP – LOT SOLD 20,000 GBP
Comprising: a necklace composed of three rows of coral beads, the clasps of knot design, length approximately 440mm, detachable into two segments; and a pair of ear clips. 

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