A Freshwater Biwa Pearl And Diamond Pin

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Freshwater Biwa Pearl And Diamond Brooch…

A wonderfully lively contemporary freshwater Biwa pearl brooch created late 20th century. It is crafted in 18K yellow gold, featuring three lustrous Biwa pearl-petaled flowers with diamond centres ranged across the top of sparkling diamond-set branches with a dangling diamond capped pearl to complete the piece. This beautiful freshwater pearl adornment is offered for sale by Lang Antiques at a price of  $2,450.00, and measures 1  1/2 by 1 1/4 inches.

Biwa pearls are cultured in mussel shells in fresh water. Unlike saltwater pearls, they do not have a core substance introduced into the live shell to ”irritate” and cause the shell to produce nacre around the speck of introduced matter. Biwa pearl farmers cut the shroud of the mussel, which causes it to produce nacre and form a pearl.


Freshwater Biwa Pearl


Freshwater Biwa Pearl


Thanks to Lang Antiques for images and information, and to Jewelexi for information on Biwa pearls

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