A Hardstone Cameo Demi-Parure Mounted In Diamond-Set Gold

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Here’s a variation on the regulation cameo pinned to a high collar on a modest blouse. This is a cameo demi-parure – a suite of jewelry featuring multiple cameos. It was offered for sale by Sotheby’s at the FINE JEWELS auction on 07 JUNE 2017 in London.

Gold and hardstone cameo demi-parure, 1890

Estimate 4,800 — 8,000 GBP Lot 32 LOT SOLD 6,250 GBP
Comprising: a bangle of seven agate cameos depicting the profiles of classical maidens within a Greek key and circular-cut diamond surround and a brooch and pendant of similar design, bangle inner circumference approximately 170mm.

cameo demi-parure

Information and images courtesy Sotheby’s

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