A Selection Of Jewelry Featuring Rose-Coloured Rhodolite Garnet

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Rhodolite – the Rose-Coloured Garnet

I read an interesting article today about rhodolite garnet, in The Jewellery Editor, an online jewelry magazine that’s always worth checking out. It was all about the increasing use of rhodolite in high end jewelry.

Garnet is a great gemstone in all sorts of ways. It is hard and hardy, has lovely clarity and brilliance, and the colour of some types of garnet compare favourably with that other red stone of choice, the ruby.

Rhodolite garnet is rose coloured garnet. It diverges from the orangey-red of most garnets and is also lighter in colour than most. It has violet/blue-ish tones – though it’s not as purple as almandine garnets. It’s brighter than other garnets too. So all in all, it’s a beautiful and useful stone which many jewelers have found useful and practical to work with.

The Jewels

1. Below is a spectacular piece of jewelry, a ring designed by Ming Lampson, using a large rhodolite as the feature stone – referencing and enhancing the rose colour by using blue sapphires with it. The gems are set in white gold.

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