A Victorian Pearl And Diamond Treasure

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A Pearl And Diamond Victorian…

In Victorian England, tiny seed pearls were especially popular and were used in necklaces, brooches, bracelets, mourning jewelry – in fact, seed pearls found their way into almost every form of jewelry made at the time. Most of those used were imported from China or India. Larger pearls like the one in the featured brooch/pendant below were also frequently used in the jewelry of the time, as pearling fleets worked overtime to find the unpredictable treasures in shells more often harvested for mother of pearl to be used in more functional settings – such as buttons.

The brooch we’re looking at here, from A La Vieille Russie, is a Victorian piece c.1890, a diamond cluster brooch with a substantial purplish grey natural pearl at the centre. It is surrounded by diamonds and smaller grey pearls of various hues, set at compass points, and mounted in gold. The brooch is one of those clever pieces that can also be worn as a pendant.  Asking price is $38,000.

Thanks to  A La Vieille Russie for the images and information on the brooch.
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