An Elegant And Appealing 1950s Retro Amethyst And Pearl Ring

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I know this 1950s Retro ring appeals to many, and I can see all sorts of reasons why – though there are bound to be other factors in its popularity, for we all have different likes and dislikes of shape, colour, style.

The ring’s feature amethyst weighs 19.25K and is a beautiful gem. It has great clarity, and also, the colour of the amethyst is deep and satisfying without being dramatically dark or too palely gentle. The cut keeps it crisp and clear, like the stone itself.

The brilliant-cut diamond accents add to the sharpness, and provide sparkle and light and a little fire to help the 18K yellow gold warm the cool amethyst purple. The shimmer and lustre of pearls softens it all.

It’s a balanced and beautiful piece of jewelry, and the images are kept in the Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry online archives. Yes, the ring has already been sold, but we can be grateful and appreciative of archives like this, that help to maintain records on the history of jewelry and also serve to inspire and delight us.

The ring is signed Binder, and I asssume this is the jeweler MartinBinder, established in Indiana in the 1940s.




Many thanks to Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry for information and images.





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