Antique And Contemporary Jewelry Featuring Carved Gemstones

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Cutting and polishing gemstones creates sparkle and lustre.

They can be cut into facets to reflect the light from different angles, or cut into a smooth cabochon form and polished. Another way of cutting them is by carving the gem into three dimensional polished sculptural forms, or cutting into them and carving relief or intaglio patterns or motifs into the stone.

Gem carving is an ancient art that has been practised in some parts of the world for thousands of years. It continues to be practised in countries with longstanding traditions of gem carving, and the technique has also been adopted by contemporary jewelers in countries where it is a newer practice.

We have put together a selection of antique and contemporary jewelry incorporating carved gems. Each one will usually have its own page, so look for the Next Page link at the bottom of each page.

David Webb’s Carved Emerald, Sapphire and Diamond Bracelet

A gold carved emerald, sapphire and diamond bracelet c.1945 from Jewels du Jour. In the centre are two large flower beads, the petals composed of 13 carved emeralds, accented by oval and cushion cut sapphire, further set with 12 diamond bezels and leaves set with white and yellow sapphires. Property from the estate of Countess Eleanor Guggenheim Josephthal Czapski. Sold now, via 1stdibs

Images and information on the jewelry on this page courtesy Jewels du Jour.

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