Antique And Vintage Pearls Combined With Coloured Gems

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Pearls with Coloured Gems…

It’s always a fascinating mix… the lovely pearl (organic, soft, gently coloured), and the gemstone (hard, bright rocks).

As one of our readers pointed out, it’s also a paradoxical combination, to put pearls (just 2.5 or so on the Mohs scale of hardness) with  diamonds (hardness of 10) or sapphires and rubies, which are also very hard gems. Your sapphire or ruby ring is wonderfully hard-wearing, but put a pearl or three in there and your ring is much more vulnerable. The presence of pearls means you’d probably be more careful of your piece of jewelry, and wear it less often, especially if it was a ring or bracelet.

Despite softness and fragility (and perhaps partly because of it), pearls have always been highly valued – after all, they are stunningly beautiful; and each one is a little miracle. Added to the essential beauty of a pearl is their rarity of pearls in earlier times and the difficulty of obtaining them from the deep ocean.

Cultured pearls are freely available these days, but even so, certain cultured pearls – the beautiful creamy white South Sea pearls cultivated on the west coast of Australia, for instance – are highly valued and require great care and expertise to produce

So – more pearls today, and some jewelry with no qualms about combining pearls with harder gems!

1. Seed Pearl Halo Silver Amethyst Ring, 1800s
From Boylerpf Antique and Vintage Jewelry

The tiny seed pearls in this ring form part of the border, along with engraved silver, for the lovely faceted amethyst in the centre. Some lucky person is already wearing this one – it is already sold.
A 3ct natural purple amethyst encircled by a halo of dainty seed pearls forms this antique Victorian ring. All set in closed back sterling silver setting, the faceted natural amethyst is band wrapped with an engraved border and raised basket type setting at the base. A simple band completes the piece. A lovely piece of history, circa late 1800s!
  • Materials: Sterling Silver
  • Gemstones: Amethyst – 3 carats, seed pearls
  • Ring Size: 8 US, Q UK
  • Measurements: The face of the ring measures 16.50mm in diameter and has a rise of 8.50mm off the finger
  • Weight: 4 grams

(Text and image credit: Boylerpf Antique and Vintage Jewelry)

2. Antique Pearl Sapphire Puffy Heart Pendant Necklace
From Boylerpf Antique and Vintage Jewelry

It’s a little bit romantic, this one – a puffy, heart-shaped cushion of pearls with sapphire coloured crystals… it has spent over a century delighting the heart of the wearer. It has now been sold, and continues its sentimental journey.

A romantic symbol of love from the Edwardian period – circa 1900 this pendant necklace features cultured pearls nestled in a gold filled puffed heart with a swirl of sapphire crystals. Dropping from a matching pearl bail, the pendant sways from a fine gold filled chain. A true romantic keepsake! Measurements: The puffy heart and bail measure 1 1/4 in with the chain 19 in. (Text and image credit: Boylerpf Antique and Vintage Jewelry). 

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