A Bold And Beautiful Art Deco Double Clip Brooch By Boucheron

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Dress Clips And Fur Clips In The 1920s And 1930s…

Dress clips and fur clips were fashionable and much worn in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s, both as high end pieces and as costume jewelry. Costume jewelry was usually discreet and tasteful until the 1920s.  Coco Chanel then started producing statement pieces as costume jewelry to be worn as art. Most jewelry until then was high end jewelry worn as an indicator of status and wealth. So let’s look at a piece that’s large in size, visually spectacular and is made from excellent grade precious gems for the high end market.

1930s Boucheron Art Deco Double Clip Brooch With Diamonds And Emeralds

This stunning double clip brooch by Boucheron is both bold and precious. It was made for wearing on a lapel, accentuating both the clothing feature and the piece itself. Crafted in platinum, it comprises naturalistically inspired, swirling scrolls set with round-cut and baguette-cut diamonds, and two intensely green emeralds.

As a double clip, this brooch pin can be worn as one large piece – or the two components can be separated and worn in different places on the garment, or worn one at a time. For sale at the time of writing at a price of £30,065.65 on 1stDibs,  further information is available on 1stDibs’ always inspiring website!

Now flick over the page to see the Boucheron signature on the back; each half of the piece separated; and the ingenious fastenings on this wonderful double clip brooch. Like the best embroidery, the back is almost as beautiful as the front!

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