Beauties From The Archives Of The Jewelry Gig Facebook Page

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From the Archives

The four items posted below are from earlier posts on The Jewelry Gig Facebook page. We weren’t always conscientious about recording the source back then and sometimes, the source has moved on at any rate. Not every auction or jewelry trade site makes their images and information available once the item is sold.

Nevertheless, I remember delighting in these pieces, and it’s been a pleasure to meet them again!

1.  From the Archives – Early Victorian Gold And Aquamarine

Just delightful – an early 19th century gold and aquamarine brooch. The central mixed-cut aquamarine is set in a gold claw mount with engraved leaf and scroll border, c.1840.  This aquamarine tends towards the greenish colour range of stones, which works well with the yellow openwork gold setting. It wouldn’t be so popular today – the current preference is for very blue shades with hardly a green tinge to be seen.

Image and information sourced in July 2015 from Christie’s – Sale 5647 – Jewels at South Kensington including Fine Hermès Handbags – 14 July 2010, London, South Kensington  

from the archives

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