Bejewelled And Enamelled Antique And Vintage Bracelets And Bangles

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All sorts of materials

Bracelets have been fashioned from every possible material imaginable, from simple twists of rope or leather to textured metals embedded with gemstones.
Most bracelets made during early times were crafted from stones, wood, shells, followed by copper and bronze. It was during the bronze era that bracelets of silver and gold were crafted, and bracelets became a status symbol. (Information: Corazon Latino)
An Art Deco ebony and diamond-set bangle

Carved from a solid piece of Black Ebony with a peak domed profile embellished to both sides by a continuous silver scalloped and swag mount set with single diamonds in a millegrain rimmed setting.
(Text and image credit: James Alfredson)



Victorian Taille d’Epargné Bangle Bracelet
From Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry
5/8 inch wide and wonderful, this consummate Victorian hinged bangle bracelet, rendered in 14K rosy-yellow gold, is beautifully adorned all around with an intricate texture overlaid with fanciful foliate black enamel Taille d’Epargné. Pristine and perfect on the outside, a couple meaningless minor dings on the inside. Hand engraved on the inside “Addie F. Dayton” who, according to our intrepid in-house researcher, graduated in 1880 from the Kansas public school system.
Taille d’epargné, sometimes referred to as black enamel tracery, translates from the French literally as “saving cut.” It is a variation of champlevé whereby engraved lines forming a design are incised into the metal and are filled with opaque enamel– usually black.
(Text and image credit:  Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry)
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