Boghossian Presents Les Merveilles, A New Way To Set Gemstones

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Light Shining Through Gems From Every Angle – Les Merveilles

Boghossian jewels have taken a great leap forward, using a technique where the stones hold each other in place, rather than being set in precious metal. This technique has been developing over a period of years, and has resulted in the collection called Les Merveilles. With no metal to block the light, reflection and refraction is unimpeded and light can flash and disperse through the jewels in a way that has previously been unimaginable. In an article by Maria Doulton from The Jewellery Editor, Boghossian’s Managing Director explains:

“It’s not the gold that holds the diamonds together but the diamonds that are holding each other,” explains Roberto Boghossian, Managing Director. “The reflections from every single angle are stunning because, with this minimum amount of gold, you are managing to get the light from every perspective.”

Below is an image of one of the gems in Les Merveilles collection – a cushion shaped Paraiba tourmaline from Mozambique surrounded by diamonds – with 18K gold somewhere in there! Below the image is a short video displaying some of the jewelry created using this new technique. Well worth a look.

Thanks to that fab jewellery magazine The Jewellery Editor for information and Boghossian for the image and further information.
The video below is from YouTube.


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