Ceylon Sapphire And Diamonds Set In 18K Gold

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A Ceylon Sapphire And Diamonds Set In An 18K Gold Ring  

An 18K yellow gold ring sparkles with a fine brilliant-cut Ceylon sapphire in the centre, surrounded by brilliant diamonds. The diamond-set octagonal open work surround is determinedly un-fussy, like the plain bezel mount of the featured sapphire.

However the design is softened somewhat, by the curving lines of the open work – no scrolls or twists or garlands,  just some gentle deviations from the straight lines of the octagon holding it all in place. It’s a handsome ring, and was sold by Bijouterie Jean-Marc Botazzi.

Ceylon sapphires are of course from Sri Lanka, a tear-drop shaped island in the Indian Ocean. It has known many names, with the most recent change in 1972 to Sri Lanka, when this small island state became the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka. However, the convention is to use the previous name ‘Ceylon’, a British adaptation of the Portuguese name Ceilao, when referring to the beautiful sapphires originating from this location.

Jewelry information and images courtesy Bijouterie Jean-Marc Botazzi

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