Colourful Rings And A Brooch From Sotheby’s In October

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A Selection Of Colourful Rings (And A Brooch) From Sotheby’s

Sotheby’s “Important Jewels and Jadeite” sale to be held today, 12 October, in Hong Kong, includes a wide range of colourful rings and other jewels featuring gems and diamonds in a variety of hues. It’s a colourful sale, with so many examples of the brilliant glossy green of top grade jadeite, and a number of other jadeite colours also included. One of those other colours is the delightful lavender of the jadeite, gem-set and diamond ring you’ll find below.

Enjoy the diversity of the selection below, and use the links in the text to visit Sotheby’s site, for even more colourful rings  and jewels.

UPDATE: It’s late on the 12 October now, and the sale total from today’s auction in Hong Kong was $59,029,990

1. Lot 9160
Colour-Changing Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Estimate $7,028 – $12,140 USD
Most colour-change sapphires shift only slightly in colour, with a change of light. Top-grade stones however, will change dramatically. The sapphire in this ring is a beautiful blue, and looks as if it would change to a strong violet-purple under incandescent light. Blue is the most common colour in these stones, though we should remember that they are extremely rare to begin with!
Set with an oval colour-changing sapphire stated to weigh approximately 9.58 carats, accented with circular-cut diamonds, mounted in platinum. Ring size: 6 (text and image credit: Sotheby’s)

A little more about colour change sapphires, from GemSelect:

Color change sapphire is an exceptionally rare, fancy variety of corundum which exhibits the unique ability to change color when viewed under different light sources. Although blue is the most common color, color change sapphire can occur in a range of other colors, including greenish, yellowish, pinkish and violet-purple, depending on the coloring agents within the specific stone…

…The unique and rare ability to color change occurs only in rare sapphire that forms with two light transmission windows rather than one. For example, a red gemstone appears red because it absorbs all frequencies of light except for red, but a gemstone that absorbs all frequencies of light except for blue and red appears blue when the light is rich in blue wavelengths, and red when the light source is rich in red wavelengths. Fluorescent light is rich in blue, whereas incandescent is rich in red. Natural daylight is well-balanced, which is why color change sapphire is best viewed under natural daylight. (Text credit: GemSelect)

2. Lot 9185
Fancy Deep Brownish Greenish Yellow Diamond, Conch Pearl, Gem Set and Diamond Brooch, Michael Youssoufian
Estimate $35,781 – $46,004 USD

Conch pearls… the rarest and most expensive pearls to be had. They occur naturally – no-one has yet produced cultured conch pearls! They’re pink, pastel and pretty and they have a unique flame pattern (not easy to see, in the conch pearls of this brooch). They are not made of nacre, the substance that gives traditional pearls their iridescent lustre; and so they aren’t technically a pearl and are not considered to be “true pearls”, although they are still spoken of in this way. The ‘pearls’ in this brooch are Baroque – which just means that they’re twisted, not smooth and uniform in shape. 

And then there are the beautiful coloured diamonds in the centre.

Of floral design, centring upon a cut-cornered square modified brilliant-cut fancy deep brownish greenish yellow diamond weighing 0.93 carat, surrounded by stamens set with diamonds of yellow tint, to the conch pearl petals framed by coloured sapphires, rubies and diamonds, completed by the diamond-set stem and pear-shaped emerald leaves, mounted in 18 karat white, yellow and pink gold, signed MY, with Michael Youssoufian maker’s mark, pouch stamped M.Y. (text and image credit:Sotheby’s)

This one is not a ring, but how could we not include this conch pearl and gem-set beauty by Michael Youssoufian! Below is a detail from this beautiful brooch, where you can more clearly see the yellow diamonds of the stamens and the blossom’s centre.


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