Dangly Vintage Earrings With Lapis Lazuli And Gold

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1970s Lapis Lazuli Gold Dangle Earrings 

Vintage lapis lazuli earrings – long, dangle, shoulder duster earrings featuring blue lapis lazuli stones set in 14kgold (tested).

A striking pair of earrings these… just gold and lapis, the deep blue setting up a complementary colour dialogue with the gold metal, which curls and twists in contrasting juxtaposition with the simple, flat oval shapes of the lapis lazuli.

The closed backs of the lapis settings are beautifully engraved, as the image below illustrates.

Listed with 1stdibs by Courtland Jewels. Further detail including price can be obtained from the 1stdibs website where a link to the dealer can also be found. 

lapis lazuli

Jewelry information and images on this page are courtesy of 1stdibs via Courtland Jewels.

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