A Gold Brooch Pendant With Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds And Pearls

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A Gold Brooch / Pendant, with Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds & Pearls


Sold by Live Auctioneers Lot 122202 in Fine Arts, Jewelry and Antique Funiture by DuMouchelles
Auction ended on December 19th, 2016, Estimate:$22,000$30,000

This is quite a piece of jewelry – with 11.37ct of emeralds, 6.94ct of diamonds & a 1.05ct oval cut ruby set in the centre. It isn’t dated, but we can deduce that it is probably Edwardian. 

Further down the page you’ll see an image of the back of the brooch (also able to be transformed into a pendant). The framework is a silvery colour and according to all the information on the brooch, it’s white gold, which wasn’t used commercially until 1912. The ivory/gold coloured pearls (and note their tiny twinkling diamond-set centres) are Biwa pearls – freshwater cultured pearls from Lake Biwa in Japan, which weren’t produced until 1914.

The brooch/pendant is mildly floral in design… the openwork framework features diamond-set foliate motifs, with six red enamelled leafy shapes set on the framework amongst the diamonds. There is a suggestion of blossom in the diamond clusters around the central ruby and the featured emerald.

The oval diamond-set dangle and its pendant pearl can be removed – presumably this component would be most useful when the piece is attached to a chain as a pendant.

This piece is set with some major jewels!  As many of them as possible are open-backed, letting the light shine through for maximum colour saturation. Altogether a beautiful piece.

Now – enjoy the images below!

Jewelry information and images courtesy Live Auctioneers

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