Gold Russian Art Deco Pendant With Amethyst And Demantoid Garnets

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Russian Gems In An Elegant Russian Art Deco Pendant…

This Russian Art Deco pendant from Romanov Russia features a sparkling oval, faceted and claw-set amethyst of a medium purple color suspending from the top of a 14K gold frame. Four demantoid garnets add a pop of pale green. The gold is just a tiny bit battered around two of the deamantoids, but it has done its job and protected the gems!

The pendant can be purchased online from Romanov Russia.

Russian Demantoid Garnets And Amethysts

The pendant itself was made in Russia in the 1930s, in the city of Eketerinburg, in the Ural Mountains area. This region produces the rarest and most valuable demantoid garnets, and for serious gem collectors Russian demantoids are the only ones worth notice. Collectors look for evidence of their origin, especially the fine needle-like lines called horse-tail inclusions that only Russian demantoid garnets display.

The world’s finest, deep purple amethysts were once produced from Siberian mines. However, the term ‘Siberian amethyst’ is now used to describe any amethyst with the rich dark purple tones previously associated with Russia. The amethyst in this pendant is medium in colour, but rich in tone.


As you see below, the pendant is marked on the back of the frame with early Soviet assay mark for 583 gold standard and maker’s mark.


Thanks to Romanov Russia ( and their beautiful website) for information and images


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