The Graceful And Elegant Features Of Edwardian Rings

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Edwardian rings

An online article on Brilliant Earth gives a wonderful description of Edwardian jewelry design, which applied to rings such the one below as well as to all the other jewelry adornments of this era:

Light, graceful, and elegant designs were characteristic of the Edwardian era, named for King Edward of Britain. Running from 1901 to about 1920, the Edwardian era is perhaps best known for extensive use of filigree techniques. By applying threads of gold, platinum, and other precious metals to the surface of their settings, Edwardian jewelers gave their jewelry a wonderfully lacy look. A piece of Edwardian jewelry was thus the perfect complement to the Edwardian woman’s ensemble, with her dress of lace and silk and hat topped with feathers.

A Diamond, Emerald And Platinum Edwardian Ring

This ring perfectly illustrates the features of Edwardian design, with its pierced foliate open work setting and graceful curved lines. The featured gem is a step-cut emerald with old-cut diamonds set into the platinum open work. On each side of the ring, a stylised flower has emerald petals, each of which is a small sugarloaf cabochon set into a milgrain bezel. It is offered for sale by Platt Boutique Jewelry and the company can be contacted through its website for the price.



Thanks to Platt Boutique Jewelry and Brilliant Earth for information and images.
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