This Hand-Made Amethyst And Peridot Ring Is One Of A Kind

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A Beautiful And Dramatic Hand-Made Amethyst, Peridot And Yellow Gold Ring 

Offered by Alex Soldier via 1stdibs

This ring is part of the Symbolica collection by Alex Soldier inspired by the grandeur of antiquity. That amazing hand-cut amethyst in the centre of the ring is accented by a surround of fine peridots, their bright yellow-green combined with the 18 karat yellow gold providing a sharp contrast with the deep purple and setting up a dramatic complementary colour combination.

This ring has been hand made with precision and a discerning eye; and a thoughtful spirit endowing the piece with meaning beyond its fine execution.

Further detail including price can be obtained from 1stdibs where a link to the dealer can also be found.

Jewelry information and image on this page courtesy of Alex Soldier via 1stdibs

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