Inspired By A Review – A Selection Of Jewelry Featuring Pearls

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I read an interesting review a couple of weeks ago, posted by blogger Stacey Bewkes on her website Quintessence. Back in 2011 she had visited an Art and Antiques Show at The Armory in New York city, and attended a lecture on ‘Beauty and Art in the Living Jewel’ by author Ruth Peltason, who has written several books on jewelry, and worked with Elizabeth Taylor on ‘Elizabeth Taylor: My Love Affair with Jewelry’ by Elizabeth Taylor.

The point of the lecture was to look at jewelry created from organic materials such as coral, pearls and ivory, an idea Ruth Peltason had explored in one of her own books ‘Living Jewels: Masterpieces from Nature’. Stacey Bewkes highlighted several of the pieces referred to in the lecture, and I’ve selected three pieces for us to look at, where pearl is a featured gem.

A beautiful pearl, sapphire and diamond brooch by Tiffany is first up. A symmetrical design with the pearls and sapphires held by diamond-set scrolls and leaves, the brooch has an unmistakably floral and foliate feel. Stacey Bewkes wrote:

”Peltason described this beautiful Tiffany brooch above by G. Paulding Farnham, 1899, as “made in America.” – with sapphires from Montana and freshwater pearls from Wisconsin and Tennessee, crafted at the quintessential America company by one of the firms earliest designers.”

The image is courtesy Courtesy Tiffany & Co archives via Quintessence.
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