Made In Moscow With A Demantoid And Diamonds

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A Demantoid Garnet At The Centre…

A ring with a bright demantoid garnet at its centre is set to shine! This Art Deco ring is twinkling away with its green ‘star’ front and centre, set into an elaborate open work frame of silver, gold and 34 rose cut diamonds. It was made in Moscow circa 1930, and it is for sale online at Romanov Russia.

demantoid garnet

Romanov Russia

Why Are Demantoid Garnets So Bright?

Firstly, the name… when they were first discovered in the Ural Mountains in Russia, demantoids were named so because they were diamond-bright. Their refractive index is higher than ruby or sapphire. They also have remarkable ‘dispersion’ or ‘fire’ – the ability to split white light into all the colours of the spectrum. In fact their dispersion rating is higher than that of diamonds! And this is all beause of it’s chemical composition – demantoid garnet belongs to the andradite variety of garnet, and is a calcium iron silicate. 

Well enough of that – here’s another image of that beautiful ring…

Romanov Russia

More Detail

Now, a little more technical information. The ring is struck with 583 gold hallmark (14K) – Moscow assay office, 875 silver and maker’s marks. Estimated total diamond weight is 0.55 ct. Height 21 mm (13/16 in.). US ring size 7 (18 mm). Price $6,500

Romanov Russia

Thanks to Romanov Russia for information and images and to AJS Gems for information

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