Perfect For Cocktails, Two Pink Tourmaline Rings

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These two pink tourmaline rings are both perfect for the cocktail hour… or, as 1950s party gals would say, just ‘cocktails’ which could mean anything from your aunt’s birthday to a swish evening out at the latest cabaret bar.

As Victoria Sterling, the purveyor of the first ring below puts it:

The 1950’s was a glamorous decade, people dressed. I mean really dressed. Swing skirts, wiggle dresses, stilettos and kitten heels abounded. The word ‘Cocktails’ didn’t refer to a drink, it referred to an event, a lifestyle even.

She’s right you know, and those of us of a certain age can produce a grandmother, aunt or great aunt to prove it. Amongst all that domesticity for women were a host of pleasures we can’t imagine in the 21st century.

The ring we’re showing first is a Retro piece, from the 1950s. From Victoria Sterling, this ring features a vibrant pink tourmaline set in a platinum mount. The oval-cut stone is accented with three transitional-cut round diamonds on either side. The ring was purchased in Amsterdam so it’s probable that it is European in origin and dates to c.1950. It has no maker’s mark, but has been accid tested to verify content.

You’ll find more detail on Victoria Sterling  for this pink tourmaline, diamond and platinum ring priced at $5180.00 and contact details so you can enquire further.

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Information and images above are courtesy Victoria Sterling

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