Pomellato 50 Year Anniversary Celebrated With Hardstone Jewelry

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Pomellato – established  1967 in Milan

It’s a big birthday celebration for Pomellato in 2017, fifty years since it was first established in Milano, Italia, and thanks to The Jewellery Editor’s article, we have an insight into the celebratory collection to mark this milestone

Instead of an anniversary collection sparkling with big precious stones, Pomellato decided to use hardstone as the basis for its fifty year collection. Not only is this a departure stylistically, but it was an experimental leap in the focus on materials rarely used by Pomellato.

The resulting collection –  the brainchild of Creative Director, Vincenzo Castaldo – is titled ‘Ritratto‘, which translates into the word ‘Portrait’ in English, a reference to the shape of the cut used for the rings and other pieces which make up the collection.

More in-depth information was needed about what sort of stones could be used. So Castaldo went to Florence, to the Opificio delle Pietre Dure, and after learning more about opaque minerals and hardstone, he travelled to Idar-Oberstein, a small town in Germany renowned for its gemstone cutting and setting. As The Jewellery Editor reports:

Here, he began the process of selecting 50 different hard stones for the 50th anniversary collection alongside Constantin Wild, Pomellato’s partner for special projects and a renowned expert in unusual stones. “It was a journey of discovery as the rough materials were really unpredictable,” he recalls. “You don’t know what the result will be after cutting. But every stone has a personality and a voice that needs to be heard. It was our job to reveal that personality.”

Below, a selection of raw gemstones used in creating the Ritratto collection – hardstones and the transparent gems used to accent each feature opaque stone.

Overleaf, several of the 50 fascinating and beautiful pieces created, featuring 50 different hard stones celebrating nature’s beauty.

Look on the next pages to see jewelry created from the gems above…

Images and information: The Jewellery Editor

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