Pomellato 50 Year Anniversary Celebrated With Hardstone Jewelry

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‘Foggy Morning’ ring and ‘Stormy Weather’ ring, both by Pomellato

The cloudy, table-cut white green agate – the Foggy Morning ring from the 50th anniversary Ritratto collection – is accented with emeralds.

The 50-piece collection includes both well-known and unusual stones ranging from precious gemstones like aquamarine and tourmaline (mostly used as accent gems) and hard stones such as turquoise, chalcedony, chrysocolla, zoisite and iolite.

Each has been shaped into the portrait cut, reportedly an antique cut used in Indian jewellery to cover miniature portrait paintings – hence the collection title using the Italian term ritratto.

Still with the atmospherics and weather, it’s the Stormy Weather ring next – a ring which evokes the Christmas-time wintry landscape of the northern hemisphere, depicted by dendritic agate cut to suggest snow, a tree and a gloomy grey sky.

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Images and information: The Jewellery Editor

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