A Ring In Suffragette Colours From The Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection

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A Victorian Ring In Suffragette Colours

From the Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection on Ruby Lane, here is a ring in Suffragette colours (green, white and violet or ‘Give Women the Vote’). It seems to be from the Victorian era, way back in the beginning of the movement. There’s some question about when it was made, but one date that’s floating about seems right… and that’s 1878. It’s a little bit early to be sure the colours were deliberate, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt, and attach the suffragette meaning to this Emerald, Pearl and Ruby ring, with gemstones set in 15K gold.

The ring has a shank that is engraved on all sides and holds an English Hallmark. It is size 6 3/4. In excellent condition from the Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection, offered at a price of $2,800 USD. Below are sevral views of the ring.


Thanks again to the Glorious Antique Jewelry Collection and Ruby Lane for information and images.




















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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