Sparkling Headgear – An Antique Diamond Tiara Quartet

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A Sparkling Diamond Tiara Quartet

Every now and again the call of the tiara sounds, loud and insistent, and I rarely resist! Donning a hat these days is an unusual occurrence (I have 5 or 6 of them in my cupboard, worn to that infamous horse race, the Melbourne Cup – and they’ve never been worn again after the first outing) and hairstyling is far more fluid and casual than it used to be.

So all those centuries of genetic and cultural memory that occasionally make our heads feel very bare, that impatiently wait for some sort of nod to centuries of caps, wedding coronets, bonnets, veils and other headwear occasionally make themselves felt in a Pinterest session exploring tiaras, crowns and other headwear. Especially tiaras!

These four caught my eye…

From the descendants of Earl Manvers and Viscount Chetwynd
Ruby and diamond tiara, mid-19th century (Lot 541) (Sold)

Like almost all tiaras, this one is multi-purpose and can be broken up into brooches and can also be worn with a detachable chain, as a necklace. It is set with foil backed rubies and circular-cut and rose diamonds and is approximately 370mm in length, with an inner circumference of approximately 180mm. It comes with a fitted case.


”From the descendants of Earl Manvers and Viscount Chetwynd. The tiara was given by Lady Annora Charlotte Pierrepont of Thoresby Park, daughter of Charles Pierrepont 2nd Earl Manvers and her husband Charles Watkin Williams-Wynn, an ancient family of aristocratic Welsh politicians and owners of much of the border region of Wales, to their daughter Mary Williams-Wynn on the occasion of her marriage to Henry Goulburn Chetwynd Stapylton JP in 1886. The tiara was left by Mary Chetwynd Stapylton, nee Williams-Wynn, to her daughter Annora Esther Osmaston, nee Chetwynd Stapylton. Thence by descent.” (Text: Sotheby’s)
(Image: Sotheby’s)
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