Swiss-based de Grisogono Breaks Records At Christies’ Recent Sale

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ground-breaking necklace, ‘The Art of de GRISOGONO Creation 1’ 

One can only imagine the excitement of the de Grisogono team, as the necklace they so painstakingly worked to create broke records at Christies 14 November 2017 sale in Geneva, selling for $33,701,000.

Founder and Creative Director Fawaz Gruosi commented after the sale:

“This auction marks a high point for de GRISOGONO and the team that have worked so tirelessly to bring this incredible stone to life in this beautiful piece, Creation 1. This is the largest emerald-cut diamond ever to come to auction and so it was uncharted territory. I am truly privileged to have had the opportunity to work with a historic stone of such perfection and would thank everyone who has taken part in this beautiful journey from mine to masterpiece.”

Once cut from the 404 carat rough diamond, this emerald-cut beauty, a D flawless diamond, weighed in at 163.41 carats, the largest emerald-cut diamond ever to go to auction.

And now, the video…

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