The Mellerio Parure – Royal Jewels From The Netherlands

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I caught sight of this beautiful ruby tiara and the large Mellerio parure of which it’s a part, while scanning photographs online.  “Hmm” I thought, “we must be due for a tiara post”.

But strangely enough, there are no pics of this beautiful parure available without the wearer included. So we’re having a post full of people – queens and princesses, admittedly, but people nevertheless, in the images and the video below.

The Mellerio parure (a set of matching pieces) consisted originally of a necklace, a devant de corsage, a brooch, a bracelet and unusually, a tiara and even a fan. Later, a pair of versatile earrings was added by Queen Juliana. The original pieces were made in the 1880s, a period we know as the Victorian period, but as they were made for another Queen – Emma of the Netherlands – ‘Victorian’ might not be the most appropriate way to refer to them! The parure was made by a family firm, Mellerio dits Meller, founded in 1613 and still active today. The blog ‘The Court Jeweller‘ writes:

Mellerio dits Meller is a major French jewelry firm with a seriously glittering history. They’ve been making pieces for centuries, and this tiara is only one of several Mellerio tiaras in royal collections today. The Dutch ruby tiara was made by the company for Queen Emma in 1889 as a part of a larger ruby parure. The pieces were a gift from Emma’s husband, King Willem III. (The parure even includes a ruby-encrusted fan. How Victorian!)

Here is an image showing Queen Emma, Queen Wilhelmina and Queen Juliana wearing the parure, from the website ‘Artemisia’s Royal Jewels‘.

Juliana’s daughter Queen Beatrix wore the tiara and Mellerio parure, as does the current Queen Maxima, her daughter-in-law, pictured below (image from Tumblr blog – Danish Royal Family) and in the video.

The video shows Queen Maxima wearing the tiara and other pieces from the parure, at different times.

Information and quote from The Court Jeweller
Images courtesy the blog ‘Artemisia’s Royal Jewels‘ and Tumblr blog Danish Royal Family
Video is from YouTube.

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