The Royal Engagement Ring Everyone Is Talking About!

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The Engagement Ring…

Three-stone or trilogy engagement rings are about to become very popular – perhaps so popular that there’ll be quite some difficulty keeping up the supply.

I’m sure there’s no need to expand too much further on this prediction and the reason for the trend to come – after all, the announcement of the engagement of British Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle is very fresh, and the buzz has not yet died down.

The global first glimpse of the ring, and the two recorded appearances of the couple has just occurred and there’s a lot of talk and speculation in the air. Was the ring a surprise? Probably not – it was expected to feature gemstones from Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana, and it did. There was also perhaps, an expectation that Prince Harry would have a hand in the design, and he did.

What was perhaps a little unexpected, is that Prince Harry went to Cleave & Co when plenty of commentators imagined that he’d take the sentimental path to Garrard, where his mother Princess Diana’s ring was created.

That wasn’t the only surprise. The ring itself and its design is unusual on a few counts. Because the ring was to incorporate diamonds (the whispers foretold) from a brooch owned by Princess Diana, there was some anticipation that older cuts such as old-mine or rose-cut diamonds would be used, but not so, as The Jewellery Editor explains:

“At first glance it appeared to be a traditional three-stone engagement ring but closer inspection revealed that it is in fact a very personal and unusual design, and in keeping with Prince Harry’s determination to do things his own way.

The central diamond looks like a new cushion-cut of around 2.50-3.00 carats with two smaller brilliant cuts on either side, making it neither a classic solitaire flanked by diamond details nor a three-stone or trilogy ring usually made of a trio of similar size stones. We can tell the central diamond is a recent cut as older pre-1900 diamonds have different facet sizes and proportions and tend to be flatter than the more precise modern cuts.”

Careful thought underlies the ring design

The ring is in fact a testament to the careful thought underlying the Prince’s design. It is redolent with personal symbols. The large central diamond is from Botswana, a place with special meaning to Harry before he met Meghan – he visited Botswana with his mother – and of great significance to the couple themselves, given it’s the place they spent their first extended ‘alone’ time camping, and really getting to know each other. This stone is the central statement, and speaks to the importance of the relationship the ring signifies.

The two smaller brilliant-cut diamonds flanking the central stone are a powerful symbolic inclusion of the Prince’s late mother. The fact that it’s from Botswana, also brings Meghan’s mother into it – the African continent being the origin of the slaves Meghan and her mother are descended from, and a heritage of which Meghan is explicitly proud.

Finally, there’s an element of the ring which is there purely for Meghan Markle – simply, that yellow gold is her favourite.

So now let’s look at the ring itself. You will find an image of the ring and a video of the section of the interview where Meghan and Harry speak of the ring, on the next page…

Information in this post sourced from news items, The Jewellery Editor and Time

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