The Sparkle And Glow Of Diamond And Pearl Jewelry

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Diamond and Pearl Jewelry…

Diamonds glitter and shine and sparkle with an inner fire. They’re angular, crystalline, hard and bright – cut and ground and polished until they are sharp-edged, flat-planed and glossy. To create the best brilliance and sparkle, a diamond must be cut into shape – and the better it is cut, the more it shines. Light bounces off the many angles of a cut diamond, so that when it is moved, each cut reflects light in turn, creating that fizzy sparkle.

Pearls, those luminous, glowing and mellow gems from the sea are rounded and full of curves, even the irregular baroque pearl. A perfectly spherical natural pearl with beautiful lustre is highly valued. So are certain cultured pearls. Whatever the pearl, it remains as nature produced it, with no adjustment, no polishing, no cutting for enhancement of its lustre. Pearls can be carved, but mostly they are left to cast their soft light as they will.

Today we’re looking at diamond and pearl combinations.

Heading the list is a lovely Victorian ring featuring two natural pearls, beautifully spherical, one a little creamier in colour than the other. Each pearl has a diamond closely nestled on either side, so that the contrast between the diamond shine and the pearl’s satin sheen is very noticeable. By now, one lucky finger is wearing this ring – it has already been sold.

1. A Victorian Diamond and Pearl Two-in-One Ring
From Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry

A perfectly matched pair of lustrous natural pearl and sparkling diamond rings snuggle-up as close as can be in this extra-sweet and lovely Victorian jewel, delicately crafted in rich 18K yellow gold. This light and lovely, nineteenth-century Victorian treasure is not recommended for rugged everyday wear. Finger size 6+. (Text and image credit Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry)


Next up, is a bar pin brooch, again from the Victorian period. The natural pearls are definitely the stars here, with a larger central pearl and a line of pearls graduated in size, on either side. The diamonds are there too of course, providing a spectacular symphonic accompaniment as they outline and weave in and out with scrolls and the inimitable texture of closely set old mine cut diamonds. This piece is still for sale, so click the link to find it on Lang Antique’s website.

2. Victorian Natural Pearl and Diamond Bar Pin
From Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry

An outstanding antique treasure. This 18 karat rosy yellow gold bar pin is set with eleven natural pearls down the center and wreathed by antique old mine cut diamonds. The central pearl measures 8.2 x 7.5 mm. Fabulous! (Text and image credit Lang Antique and Estate Jewelry)
diamond and pearl

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