The Winning Jewels – Saul Bell Design Award 2017

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The Saul Bell Design AwardRecognizing distinction in jewelry design.

The 2017 winners in various categories of this annual jewelry design award have just been announced. A selection of the winners and their work is featured below, along with a video of the winners and runners-up talking about their practice.

Saul Bell was a skilled bench jeweler, mentor and teacher. He supported jewelers and metalsmiths throughout his life and in 1944 established Rio Grande, now one of the largest worldwide suppliers to the jewelry industry.  It was in Albuquerque, New Mexico, that the precursor to Rio Grande began, to serve the jewelers and artisans who lived and worked there.

This award is named in recognition of the positive influence this well-loved individual had on the jewelry industry both locally and more widely, and is supported and presented by Rio Grande.

Watch the winners talking on video below and answering questions about their work. Then flip to the following pages to see a selection of winning and finalist jewelry.

The Winners’ Video

Video courtesy Saul Bell Design Award

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