Three David Webb Jewels From The 1960s And 1970s

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These three David Webb pieces – a brooch/pendant, a cocktail ring and a pair of earrings – were all designed in the 1960s and 1970s. David Webb, American jewelry designer extraordinaire, was prolific as well as creative, innovative and very popular. Among his clients were celebrities of the screen and public life, such as Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, & Barbra Streisand.

Not all of his designs were manufactured contemporaneously – David Webb died young, at 49, leaving a body of design work numbering in the tens of thousands that continued to be manufactured after his death in 1975, the business continuing under the direction of his partner Nina Silberstein. In 2010, the company was purchased by a New York Jewelry conglomerate and no longer produces the old designs, preferring to introduce more current designs.

One day I will write a longer article on David Webb – it’s a fascinating story – but for now, let’s look at these three pieces from 1stdibs. They are all for sale, and the prices are included in the information below and on the following pages.

David Webb Diamond 18K Gold Platinum Pendant Brooch 1970-1979
For sale on 1stdibs $67,542.72AUD
This Pendant/Brooch centres on a 25 circular-cut diamond bombe´ cluster, to the radiating hammered gold, 16 baguette and 24 circular-cut diamond surround. Diamonds are of lively and bright colors, VVS to VS clarity, weighing approximately 15 carats.
There is a pendant hook and hoop for suspension.
Diameter is 2 1/2 ins.,
Mounted in platinum and 18K gold


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