Three Pairs Of Beautiful Art Deco Aquamarine Earrings

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Semi-Precious And Always In Demand…

Aquamarine is amongst the most favoured and affordable semi-precious stones. They are easy to mine and accessible, and have a hardness level that makes them sturdy so they don’t scratch easily. Apart from these practical considerations, which make them popular with jewelry designers, their varying aqua blues bring other experiences. As the Shimmerlings website says:

Aquamarine, a stone of serenity, calms and soothes with it’s lovely blue/green color and evokes the calm of the water with it’s given name, which is interpreted at ‘water of the sea’ derived from Latin.  A stone that celebrates the sea goddess of ancient times, it was carried by those who traveled on sea voyages to return safe and prosperous.

So here below are three serene and beautiful aquamarine drops.

A pair of Art Deco aquamarine, sapphire and diamond earrings, circa 1925

Each pendant earring suspends an aquamarine drop, surmounted by a geometrical diamond set motif, from a diamond collet line with calibre-cut sapphire accents and a diamond collet top. This pair of aquamarine drop earrings was sold by SJ Shrubsole, New York.

A pair of Art Deco aquamarine and diamond earrings, the kite-shaped aquamarines suspended from platinum mounts set with circular-cut and baguette-cut diamonds and calibré-cut sapphires. English, c. 1925.


A pair of Art Deco fluted and barrel-cut aquamarine, diamond and platinum long drop earrings. Watery aquamarines, glittery diamonds… a breathtaking combination.

Art Deco long drop earrings, barrel-cut aquamarine, diamond, platinum, part of our collection of fine antique jewelry

Thanks to Shimmerlings and SJ Shrubsole for information and the first image.
The remaining images and information came unattributed from Pinterest.

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