Three Pieces Of Jewelry From Paris Couture Week January 2017

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The Jewellery Editor at Paris Couture Week January 2017

It’s great to be able to read about events such as Paris Couture Week from far distant Australia. Hurrah for The Jewellery Editor, which headed for Place Vendome in January 2017, and then reported on their meetings with various jewelry designers, and the pieces of jewelry they liked most. Below and over the page are three of them.

First there’s Giampiero Bodino who presented three jewelry watches – his first bejewelled watch designs.

” …the Primavera, below, has all the hallmarks of a Bodino jewel, but with a diminutive dial hidden beneath the flower, so thin that you would never know a timekeeper is ticking away beneath the yellow diamond.”

Paris Couture Week
Giampiero Bodino’s secret watch, from The Jewellery Editor

Jewelry information Giampiero Bodino and The Jewellery Editor
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