Three Rings Featuring Moonstone, A Birthstone For June

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Misty, mysterious and dreamy moonstone is the third birthstone – along with alexandrite and pearl – associated with the month of June. As antique jewelry specialist Victoria Sterling writes:

Ancient Romans believed that moonstones were formed by drops of moonlight. They associated it with romance, femininity, and dreams. It’s the ancient Greeks who named this stone, after the ethereal silver light of the moon. Both cultures associated it with their lunar deities. I won’t argue, as I also think this gemstone is heavenly.

In fact we have a moonstone ring from Victoria Sterling right here. Moonstone is paired with sapphire in this Edwardian gold ring handcrafted around 1910 in England. The ring features three cabochon moonstones in a line and four round sapphires surrounding the centre stone. They’re all mounted atop a split shank in 18K gold. More details, including price, at Victoria Sterling website.

Moonstone and sapphire ring from Victoria Sterling

Lang Antiques
always has a selection of beautiful moonstone rings available, though the one we’ll look at here is no longer for sale. Like the ring above, moonstone is paired with sapphire. It’s designed in the Art Deco style, but there’s no indication it’s from the Art Deco era, so is most likely ”inspired by” the era and the Art Deco movement.

The ring features a high-cabochon, oval moonstone with shoulders set with royal blue calibre-cut sapphires. The stones are supported by a platinum ring shank studded with bright white square-cut diamonds. Here it is below.

Moonstone and sapphire ring, from Lang Antiques


Moonstone and sapphire ring, from Lang Antiques


Moonstone and sapphire ring, from Lang Antiques


Information and images on this page are courtesy Victoria Sterling and Lang Antiques
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