Two Early 20th Century Necklaces From France

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Two Beautiful Early 20th Century Necklaces To Enjoy

From the website of Jean-Marc BOTAZZI these two necklaces from circa 1910 are standouts from the SOLD archive. I do love websites that keep records like these for us to enjoy and also to understand our personal likes and dislikes better. The more jewelry we see, and the more we know about different styles and periods, the better we know just what to search for when it’s time to look for a special piece of our own.

Necklace Pendant “Neglige” in 18k Gold and Platinum c.1910 

This necklace pendant “Neglige” was created c.1910, with a gracefully rendered foliate and bow motif in diamond-set platinum and 18K white gold. If the ribbon bows of the many birthday parcels I seem to wrap, looked anything like so delicately poised as these two do, I would be very happy!

The bows are each held by the ends of the necklace chain, and intertwine, so as to hold together and complete the circle. Between them a cheery little garland swings. The leaf form of the garland, diamond-set all the way, continues as a motif down the length of the two articulated suspending verticals to the circular frame holding each of two bezel-set diamonds. It’s all beautifully accented with millegrain. One of those diamonds at least, is pale pink – not sure about the other.

The pendant comes in its original box.


Jewelry information and images on this page courtesy Jean-Marc BOTAZZI
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