Two Pieces Of Jewelry Set With Deep Purple Siberian Amethyst

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Russian Renaissance Style Gold Ring with a Siberian Amethyst

This early 20th century openwork ring features a deep purple amethyst ornately framed with gold in a Renaissance Revival style connecting back into the late 19th century. The amethyst is accented by a small diamond on either side.

An antique Russian Renaissance style openwork gold ring with a Siberian amethyst by a prominent St. Petersburg jeweler Yakov Rosen, made between 1904 and 1908.

Height 9/16 in. (1,4 cm).

Diameter 11/16 in. (1,8 cm).

Ring size 7 1/2.

The emerald-cut amethyst is flanked by two tiny diamonds.

Marked with 56 zolotniks standard (14K – 583 gold) with assayer’s initials of Alexander Romanov,

Workmaster’s initials Cyrillic ‘Ya R’, and later Soviet control mark for 583 gold.
(Text and image: Romanov Russia)

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