Victorian Snake Jewelry And Two Twisty Serpent Brooches

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Ah – that serpent jewelry so beloved of the Victorians… As the blog of AC Silver outlines:

The cult of snake jewellery in the Victorian era began with Prince Albert proposing to Queen Victoria. The ring given to her was in the image of a snake set with an emerald head. For Victoria the snake embodied eternal love, and promised her a true ‘happily ever after’.

The use of the snake symbol in jewelry reached a peak in the 1840s. It symbolised love, wisdom and eternity, which for the Victorins was enough to set him on the path of tring to reress is wring n kiiping

Lot 71005 
Victorian Cultured Pearl, Gold Brooch
Live Auctioneers

The snake brooch features a cultured pearl measuring 4.67 – 4.73 mm, set in 18k two-tone gold, completed by a 10k gold pinstem. Gross weight 10.70 grams.
Dimensions: 2-1/8 inches x 1 inch (Text and image credit: Live Auctioneers)
Estimate: $500 – up.
 Condition Report*:
Pearl: 1
Type: Akoya
Shape: Near Round
Color: White
Overtone: Rose
Luster: Good
Surface: Slightly Blemished
Count: 1
Size: 4.67 m- 4.73 mm
Overall Condition: Good
Condition Notes: Metal tests as 18k. Pinstem tests as 10k. Shown with a photo of original owner, Jennie A. Olcott, February 12, 1887. Photo for display purposes. 

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