Victorian Earrings With Natural Pearl, Cultured Pearl and Diamond

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Victorian Earrings With Natural Pearl, Cultured Pearl and Diamond c.1850

Offered by Beladora  and described as “”The epitome of elegance, these antique Victorian natural pearl and diamond earrings are a rare and remarkable find. Crafted in silver and gold, the chandelier design features antique rose-cut diamonds contrasted with sumptuous pearls. The tops of these earrings were added during the mid-twentieth century. The four largest pearls on each earring were tested and certified by the GIA. Six of the pearls graded as natural, while two of the smaller pearls graded as cultured.””

The diamonds in this pair of Victorian earrings (Item #504400) are set in silver, topping the gold, and they’re for sale on Beladora at a price of $18,500.

This style of earring is also known as girandole, very popular with Queen Victoria during her 19th century reign, having been the most popular form of earring in the 18th century, not only in Britain, but also in Europe. This is a simpler form of the style, and probably regarded as daytime earrings, being smaller, set mostly with pearls, and not too complex in structure. Evening earrings relied on diamonds and other cut gemstones for glamour and glitter in the candlelight.
Jewelry information and images on this page courtesy of  Beladora

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