Vock and Vintage Bespoke And One-Off Pieces And Vintage Jewelry

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Vock and Vintage

Donna Vock designs jewelry and a few of her beautiful one-off and custom pieces feature today. Vock and Vintage is the company she and her husband Alex Vock established, to sell high end jewelry designed by Donna and carefully selected vintage pieces. Theirs is a longstanding professional and personal association.

According to the Vock and Vintage website:

“Alex and Donna Vock met in 1984 while working in the fine jewelry trade in NYC.  With extensive experience in diamonds, colored stones, pearls, vintage jewelry and all aspects of jewelry fabrication,  they are uniquely positioned to guide you through the dizzyingly beautiful, yet complex, world of gems and fine jewels. “

And about the firm:


“Vock and Vintage is the collaboration of world renowned gem and period jewelry expert Alex Vock and his wife Donna, an accomplished jewelry designer and manufacturing expert. What started as an event-driven concept by invitation only to the most discerning collectors quickly evolved into a brand synonymous with quality, service, and a personalized approach to jewelry collecting.”

On this first page we feature two stunning rings by Donna Vock.  Pictured below is a diamond, platinum and emerald ring; and below that a video of a magnificent piece, a diamond and sapphire ring by Donna Vock.  It must be said that a lot of pieces in the gallery of the Vock and Vintage website are not described at all, so there’s some guesswork in what I’m telling you here!


And below is a video from the Vock and Vintage website. It features a ring set with a sapphire of unimaginable hue! Various coloured gems are cleverly set into the framework of the gallery, invisible until the ring is turned upside down.

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